Finding the ideal office property in Austin at the most competitive rate can be frustrating and time consuming, but Sandalwood can help. Led by Colin Hodges, who has been helping tenants locate Austin office properties for more than 25 years, the firm’s Tenant Representation Team can save you time, energy and money, leaving you free to concentrate on with what you do best – operating your business.

Colin's knowledge of Austin’s office properties extends to the regions' history, landlords, services, leasing policies, as well as historic and current pricing. Combine that knowledge with his long-standing relationships with Austin brokers, and Colin can ensure you make an intelligent leasing decision on the ideal location and terms, and at the best market rate -- with no surprises.

Tell us about the property you are looking for here and we will get back to you within the working day.

Or for more information about our services, please contact:

Colin Hodges
Director of Commercial Leasing, USA

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